Numerology Readings

Did you know that your date of birth and even your full name say a lot more about you and your past, present and future than you may think? It’s TRUE!

Numerology is the ancient study of numbers, their unique vibrations, and how these numbers impact our lives. These numbers can help us understand some of the deepest parts of our past, present and future self.

Your personal numerology chart can provide you with incredible insight and answers to many unanswered questions you may have.

I explore 3 core numbers with my coaching clients as a tool to discover more about ones authentic life path and purpose.

“The human body is a beautiful organism composed holistically of the mind, body, and spirit: these components constantly work together to grow and evolve.”

“No more worrying about what others thought or said: Allison had much bigger dreams to achieve. Look out, world!”
“Living authentically and in full acceptance of herself felt MUCH healthier and happier, and there has been no going back down this mountain since!”

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