Group Accountability Program

We’re 95% more likely to see our goals through to the finish with a form of external accountability. Join other clients once a month on a group call as we all check in on our goals and create new ones for the upcoming month. The group setting serves as a form of accountability. Each client gets to talk with Allison on the call 1:1 for 20-30min working through any issues or blocks you may be experinceing.

Pick the length of your engagement:

1 year

“The human body is a beautiful organism composed holistically of the mind, body, and spirit: these components constantly work together to grow and evolve.”

“No more worrying about what others thought or said: Allison had much bigger dreams to achieve. Look out, world!”
“Living authentically and in full acceptance of herself felt MUCH healthier and happier, and there has been no going back down this mountain since!”


-Career Exploration & Transition
-Resume and Cover Letter Work
-Interview Prep
-Creating Realistic Goals
-Building Self Confidence
-Changing Habits
-Organizing Projects
-Shifting Mindset
-Inner Parts Work
-Self Identity Exploration
-Overcoming Blocks & Fears
-Building Routines
-Setting and maintaining boundaries.
-Maintaining Change
-Examining & Reframing Self-Talk
-Overcoming Burnout and Exhaustion