Authenticity Coaching

You are a unique soul! Share your authentic self with the WORLD with confidence and joy.

Being authentic is being ourselves, not an imitation of what we think we should be or have been told we should be. There is no “should” in authentic.

When we aren’t in touch with our authentic self, it’s easy to go into “people pleasing” mode and do and say things based off of what is expected of us, or based off of social and peer pressure.

Together we will explore your personal numerology chart in order to better understand the authentic and unique parts of what make you, YOU. And we will discuss ways to overcome those intrusive thoughts, and clap back to those limiting beliefs we all carry about ourselves.

“The human body is a beautiful organism composed holistically of the mind, body, and spirit: these components constantly work together to grow and evolve.”

“No more worrying about what others thought or said: Allison had much bigger dreams to achieve. Look out, world!”
“Living authentically and in full acceptance of herself felt MUCH healthier and happier, and there has been no going back down this mountain since!”

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