Welcome Trailblazers!

Create the life and future you want by taking the journey within and discovering who you truly ARE! 

I’ll hold the map, and you pick the trail! There is so much of you we can explore! 

It’s time to get curious and start observing yourself. Our thought patterns, habits, behaviors, traits, etc. all impact our day to day life more than we think it does. When we want to see CHANGE in our life it has to start within. It has to start with YOU! 

Who are YOU? 

Who is [insert your name here]? 

What do you want for your future and how are YOU getting in your own way? 

Taking time to explore who you are (and aren’t) allows you the opportunity to create a lifestyle that feels completely aligned with your inner self. 

Understanding the complexities of who we are as individuals leads to higher self-confidence, higher self-esteem, more motivation, and direction for our future. Instead of being motivated by fear of failure, it’s time you were motivated by the LOVE and inner strength you carry within you! 

It’s time your external life matched your EPIC inner light

Hop on the First Chair and we will get to the top of this mountain together.




-Setting Realistic Goals

-Clarifying Life Goals

-Building Self Confidence

-Building Self Awareness 

-Observing & Changing Habits

-Organizing Projects

-Shifting Mindset

-Inner Parts Work

-Self Identity Exploration

-Overcoming Blocks & Fears

-Building New Routines

-Maintaining Change In Life

-Examining & Reframing Self-Talk

-Overcoming Burnout and Exhaustion

-Career Exploration 

-Creating Life Balance 

Meet the Coach!

Meet Coach Allison O’Beirne: nature lover, skier, empath, ally, and Certified Life Coach!

In 2019, Allison became a Certified Life Coach and introduced First Chair Life Coaching to the world. With determination and a passion for empowering others in living their authentic lives, Allison found her own destined life path.

Coaching Engagements

1:1 Weekly Coaching:

1 Year Coaching Engagement 

6 Month Coaching Engagement

8 Week Coaching Engagement

Monthly Group Coaching 
6 Month Engagement 

1 year Engagement