Welcome Trailblazers!

I’ll hold the map & you pick the trail. Together we will climb YOUR mountain towards a more authentic, fulfilled and aligned life.

To live an authentic life is the highest achievement one can reach. While we all have our own parameters of personal achievement, authentic living means ultimately achieving true fulfillment in more than one area of life.

To live an authentic life means to push through fears and blaze new trails with confidence and motivation.

This climb takes strength and determination, so let me be your sidekick, cheerleader, supporter, friend, coach and guide.

Hop on the First Chair and we will get to the top of this mountain together.




-Career Exploration & Transition
-Resume and Cover Letter Work
-Interview Prep
-Creating Realistic Goals
-Building Self Confidence
-Changing Habits
-Organizing Projects
-Shifting Mindset
-Inner Parts Work
-Self Identity Exploration
-Overcoming Blocks & Fears
-Building Routines
-Setting and maintaining boundaries.
-Maintaining Change
-Examining & Reframing Self-Talk
-Overcoming Burnout and Exhaustion

Meet the Coach!

Meet Coach Allison O’Beirne: nature lover, skier, empath, ally, and Certified Life Coach!

In 2019, Allison became a Certified Life Coach and introduced First Chair Life Coaching to the world. With determination and a passion for empowering others in living their authentic lives, Allison found her own destined life path.

Coaching Engagements

1:1 Weekly Coaching:

1 Year Coaching Engagement 

6 Month Coaching Engagement

12 Week Coaching Engagement

Monthly Group Coaching 
6 Month Engagement 

1 year Engagement