Welcome, Wanderer!

If you currently believe you don’t know who you are, I have a secret for you….
You DO know who you are! It’s TRUE! 
You’ve just lost track of that AUTHENTIC YOU over the years having to blend in to survive! Trust me, I get it! 
Well, gone are the days of blending in, baby! You are ready to stand tall in your uniqueness and share yourself confidently with the world, are you not? 
I know you’re ready to take on life with confidence and clarity in yourself and your path, and I know YOU KNOW you will!  

As an NLP Self-Discovery Coach & Board Certified Hypnotherapist this is what I do! I help wandering souls gain confidence and clarity in their true selves and life path by removing subconscious blocks so they can take easy and effortless action creating the life they desire.  

When you take time to fully understand yourself, you’ll live a more meaningful, fulfilling & balanced life. 

And here’s another secret…being your authentic Self is the ultimate key to a happy life!


If you’re ready to live confidently as your TRUE SELF and easily manifest your deepest desires, come tell me about it in a complimentary discovery call! 

I look forward to meeting you! (The REAL you too! ;))

Xo Allison




-Setting Realistic Goals

-Clarifying Life Goals

-Building Self Confidence

-Building Self Awareness 

-Observing & Changing Habits

-Changing Old Behaviors 

-Organizing Projects

-Shifting Mindset

-Inner Parts Work

-Self Identity Exploration

-Overcoming Blocks & Fears

-Building New Routines

-Maintaining Change In Life

-Examining & Reframing Self-Talk

-Overcoming Burnout and Exhaustion

-Creating Life Balance 

Meet the Coach!

Meet Coach Allison O’Beirne: nature lover, skier, empath, ally, and Certified Life Coach!

In 2019, Allison became a Certified Life Coach and introduced First Chair Life Coaching to the world. With determination and a passion for empowering others in living their authentic lives, Allison found her own destined life path.

Coaching Engagements

1:1 Weekly Coaching:

1 Year Coaching Engagement 

6 Month Coaching Engagement

8 Week Coaching Engagement